An Amber Kissed Maternity Session

I am always interested in my client's stories, especially my Maternity clients. Becoming a parent is a journey from the first moment that you start trying and I think that it's so important to share these stories with one another. 

During my session with my clients, Monica and Mike, they shared these details with me. 

1. What do you love most about being pregnant? I’m loving my pregnant body! It’s been so exciting to watch my belly grow and get round; it’s truly a wonderful, womanly experience. My skin is also super soft.

2. What has been the most challenging part of your pregnancy? The most challenging part of my pregnancy was the exhaustion I felt during my first trimester. It really was overwhelming especially since we had just moved into our first home and had so much to do. Luckily, my husband has been extremely helpful and took a lot of day to day responsibilities off my plate (he’s the best!).

3. What are you most looking forward to? I’m most looking forward to simply meeting and getting to know our little one! I’m super into genetics, so very curious to see which traits he will get from my husband and I. 

4. What are your nursery decor plans? Our theme is “Home on the Range” with very natural woods, colors, and textures. I’m also into the Montessori method and early childhood development, so we have some high-contrasting wall paper, toys and a mobile that will contribute to his visual and cognitive development. 

How did you decide on that theme? Our nursery theme has definitely been through an evolution. If you know me, I love bright, bold colors and appreciate the festive styles of South American culture, so naturally I wanted to embrace Peru’s celebration of Llamas with colorful pom-poms. We started buying before finding out the baby’s gender (we were so excited!), but after finding out we’re having a boy, this theme seemed a bit too feminine. I soon learned that the llama’s relative, the alpaca, was native to the North American Plains (who knew?), and after a trip to Homegoods, I found beautiful prints in natural wood frames of an alpaca and a brown cow by Simon Te which inspired “Home on the Range” theme. I also found the most perfect self-adhesive wallpaper from Wayfair that brings in the high-contrast designs for visual stimulation. So, although our final theme isn’t how I initially imagined, it definitely has the bold elements (and cuddly alpacas!) that I was hoping for.

5. Any food cravings? My cravings were early on and usually for dairy (cream cheese everything) or foods that are restricted like cured meats, but now, I’m just hungry in general. Although, I can’t eat too much since I’m running out of space!

Preview their gallery below! She's got the glow!