NKB Photo's Must Have Mommy Items

Hey guys! 

Today I am discussing my favorite things from my first pregnancy, a list of 'must-haves' if you will! 
As I unpack some of Elliana's old things and try to buy as little as possible this go around, there are definitely some things that a new mom MUST have in her SURVIVAL KIT. 

1) Boppy Feeding Pillow/Lounger
2) Rock and Play Autorocker by Fischer Price 
3) Nose Frida
4) Convertible Stroller - we loved the UppaBaby Vista -bassinet, seat, car seat adapter
5) Baby K'tan Mesh Active, we used this for the longest time but switched to the ERGO once she was bigger - I used the size Small in this design
6) Vaseline - think first two weeks to help line the diaper for easy cleaning :)
7) Nursing friendly clothing & a Post-Partum Girdle - not sure why women don't share this one with one another! 
8) Sleep Sacks - we liked the ones where you could do arms in or out, helps as they grow!
9) Sound Machine - we still use this and have even bought ourselves one :) our house sounds like the inside of the ocean in the middle of the night, also check out the portable one which we use whenever we travel
10) You Tube's Simple Songs, the only nursery rhymes that didn't drive me nuts! Baby Shark basically got me and Elliana through the first several months of her life :)
11) For nursing mommas, a nursing cover! I loved this one from Copper Pearl.

I've linked them all here so you can pick these items up to help you survive! There are so many amazing products out there and plenty that we used and I did not list - if you have questions, I am totally happy to answer them for you to my best ability! 

Gallery below of  @christineonlex and her sweet son Teddy!  If you don't already follow her, go check her out - she has some beautiful decor and home diy blog posts, fashion posts, and now she is adding motherhood posts to her blog! Plus if you're lucky you'll enjoy her witty humor as much as I do!