Why Are Photos So Important?

The Spring Mini Sessions went awesome! I got to catch up with some of my favorite people and clients and I get to see how my littlest of clients have grown! It's really crazy how much changes in just 6 months or a year!  

I don't meant to think of tragedy but with our family's newest addition on the way very soon I can't help but think about my family, my girls, my legacy. I hold photos to be such an important part of our lives and not just because I am a photographer, but because they truly are the only withstanding memory you have in the event that anything happens to you. They mark the important times in your life, whether your family is growing in size or just growing up! 

Over Easter I captured a picture of my grandmother whom I adore and admire with all my might. She's always telling me about her friends and because she didn't grow up with cameras until she was closer to adult age, she doesn't have many photos to show for it. I encourage her to let me take photos of her, despite her dislike for photos, so I have them to show my kids when they are old enough - the thought is a  bit morbid, but I hold her so close to my heart that I want to share this person with my littles even if they don't know her like I do.

My client pictured here is someone that I went to high school with. In the past year she has had her share of ups and downs. The session we captured was to mark their new beginnings and to capture her beautiful relationship with her daughter - the one she does everything for! It was truly beautiful to snap their interactions and cheerful spirits! They really started my day off on the right foot!

I would love to hear what your favorite parts of photography are in the comment section below!