In Home Sessions and Why I Love Them

You wake up in a state of grogginess, if you are even just waking up at all. It’s 2, maybe 3 weeks after giving birth and you’ve just remembered in your newborn stooper that you committed to a photo session for your sweet bundle of joy. You attempt to organize your home, hop in the shower in hopes of no interruption, and you DON’T HAVE TO PACK A SINGLE THING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE - a big BIG sigh of relief. If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably scheduled one of my hair and makeup professionals because then you can literally be pampered in the comfort of your home - RELAX, have a MOM’osa!

You also realized that we discussed wardrobe ahead of time! Maybe we spoke that week, maybe I will be bringing you a dress from my client wardrobe. Baby will be wrapped in a swaddle and maybe a second outfit that grandma got for them and dad, well dad can wear that gray henley or beige sweater that’s his ‘go- to’. EASY PEASY! Second child? No problem, I can help with that too!

Now that we’ve gotten the details all sorted, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your newborn bundle of love in the comfort of your own home - where feeding your child is comfortable, you know where everything is, and consistency is key! And me, well, I’ll just be here capturing the LOVE written all over your face and the smitten emotions pouring out of your soul.

Chat soon!