A 30th Birthday Dinner Party - Forever Young

I am not someone who celebrates their birthday for a whole week, but I am someone who acknowledges their birthday every year. Usually my husband and I grab dinner and drinks, or we meet up with friends. This year was different, I reached a point in my life where I genuinely wanted to celebrate this milestone.

I have travelled abroad, studied abroad, graduated from the university I dreamed of attending since I was 5, spent 6 years in NYC, ran a half marathon, I worked for two major banks, I have a wonderful husband, we bought a house and now we have two beautiful little girls. I have truly gone after everything I have wanted with a little bit of gusto and hard work. I also decided to change career paths and have dove into the deep end of owning a small business in photography! Things in my life are MOVING! And for one night I wanted to slow it down and celebrate.

With the help of Michele Vaccari Harriott of MichMacs NJ, Amy Gofton of Studio Nectar, and Meghan Shaughnessy of Lace and Belle, I was able to create a dinner party that felt like me :)
Michele whipped up a 5 course meal - an abundanza of sorts- finished with her famous MichMacs.
While Amy created a whimsical and foraged centerpiece with transitional fall colors, Meghan created place setting acrylic pieces with her signature calligraphy to match the table runner adorned with the lyrics to ‘Forever Young’. Fun Fact: Forever Young was released in 1988 - my birth year.

But of all the things that were amazing about the night, NOTHING could compare to the friends that joined me to mark the special occasion. To say we had a blast would be an understatement. We put our phones aside and just enjoyed one another’s conversation and company the old fashioned way - the way it was done in 1988.

If you are interested in any of their services, I have linked their websites above :)