Penguins Mate for Life - A Proposal Story

Did you know that penguins mate for life? Could being proposed to in a penguin exhibit have any more meaning than this?

Some of you may have already read this on Instagram but our groom planned his proposal for weeks. His brother reached out looking for a photographer and we got the ball rolling while he was away on vacation. Upon his return, he and I connected.

We discussed that she loved penguins yet had never seen them in person so he wanted to propose at the Turtle Back Zoo. We discussed that he should encourage her (and himself) to wear neutral colors for when we do some couples photos after, and he got their entire family and friends group to buy into this color scheme.

Anyway, all the details were in place. What happened next was even more beautiful than he could have ever planned. Her cousin Ashley text me as they were approaching. As they walked in, Heaven by Kane Brown was over the loud speaker. I don’t think she even realized! She watched the penguins for a few seconds before he pulled her away from the tank to chat. The moment she realized what was happening she raised her eyebrows but yet was still so caught off guard when he got down on his knee. Her reaction was priceless!

Of course she said yes! And an even sweeter surprise - he had their families waiting just outside the exhibit to celebrate with them. The photo of her and her dad kills me - looks like they are both getting two amazing families to be apart of! Check out the images below :)

Do you know someone who is getting engaged or may you are! I would love to capture that for you because this was truly an amazing experience!

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Til next time!