Florals, Females and the Future... The Time is Now

Written by our model:
”Winter is coming, but it’s in our hands to bring the flowers.”
”Last week I had this amazing opportunity to collaborate with an unknown group of people. It’s been decades since the last time I modeled in front of a camera. I was so anxious! An introvert, barely 40 year old wearing white… I mean, it could very wrong…
But the curiosity about this flower designer was so big I was willing to challenge myself just for a chance to get closer to their work. And there I was, so very welcomed by TJ and Paulina of Blue Jasmine Florals- which I learned were also South American - in this dream flower studio.

Then a woman with her newborn baby walks in. I thought ‘hmm, not the best time for a walk-in customer…’ For my surprise, she was the photographer! It was such a humble and reassuring moment that I could barely hold my tears in. I mean if the #futureisfemale we have to learn to deal with breastfeeding moms in our work space, right? We were just a bunch of vulnerable beings- women, babies, moms, gays, foreigners and flowers - willing to collaborate and doing our best despite our limitations.”

I resigned last Monday, I resigned from a career that I held for the last 10 years to be home with my daughter(s) - one’s in day care, the other is only 3 months old. A struggle I experienced not just this time but the time before, when I returned after Ellie. I really wanted to make it work, I wanted to do what millions of woman had done before me and be a working mother.

What I was failing to see is that I could still work, just not in that role. I decided to pursue this career, being a photographer. And in the very week when I closed one door, a new one opened. And the below images are evidence of how bright and bold my future can and will be. And how these flowers make me feel when looking at them is similar to the feelings I get when I think about being given a unique opportunity to be home with my girls - happy, cheerful, hopeful.

The amount of encouragement I have received, the number of cheerleaders I have, I know this is where I am meant to be right now <3

Florals: Blue Jasmine
Model: Katia Lampe
Stylist: Lunke Style Portfolio
Photography: NKB Photo

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